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This web site is produced by [iito], a business intelligence provider based in Bremen, Germany, officially launched in September 2003.

»gene-sensor.com« offers manually curated, systematically edited information for life sciences managers since 2002. [gs] covers drug discovery technologies, molecular diagnostics, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics as well as mass spectrometry.

One can find and evaluate customers, suppliers, financing partners, and competitors in a quick and intelligent way. All content is organised hierarchically and multiple powerful search options are available. Every week the database is updated and indexed with keywords, including complex index terms for deals and transactions, like investments, grants, collaborations, licenses and regulatory and legal procedures.

The [gs] offering includes a customised version, ultimately competing with research reports and consultants or information brokers at a more than competitive price. Tracking of organisations (e.g., partners, key accounts, competitors) as well as product groups or regions can be included in the customised version, making »gene-sensor« a very powerful and efficient up-to-date management tool.

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To get even more information, please take a look at our [gs] professional services offering and read the gene-sensor Product Flyer [PDF file]

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